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Welcome to Shootkit - Your organizing tool for photographers

Shootkit is a software solution for photographers, models or make-up artists, for the efficient planning and administration of photoshoots, contacts, moodboards and much more. Get to know the functional range of Shootkit today and never lose track of your open projects again!

Efficient organization

Shootkit helps you to focus on the important things!

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Everything at a glance

Shootkit shows you all relevant information at a glance!

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All-in-one platform for your clients

Shootkit offers you a central platform for your clients with all information in one place!

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Individually customizable

You can use Shootkit universally and customize it for your needs!

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Get to know all Shootkit features

Shootkit can convince with more than just words! Form your own opinion about the wide Shootkit functionality!

Feature overview

Available Shootkit plans

You can use Shootkit free of charge permanently. Shootkit LITE is the free version of Shootkit and is available free of charge. If you need more features, the packages Shootkit Standard and Shootkit PRO offer everything you need for the professional organization of your photoshoots!



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9,99 Euro per month
99,90 Euro per year

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23,99 Euro per month
239,90 Euro per year

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Price including VAT. Can be terminated at any time at the end of the payroll period.

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30-day free trial

Start using our free service Shootkit LITE or use our Shootkit standard/Pro 30-day free trial. Start organizing your photoshoots with Shootkit today!


About Shootkit

Shootkit is more than just software. Learn more about Shootkit and what's behind Shootkit! Shootkit was developed over 2 years and is constantly being further developed. Shootkit is constantly improving and receiving new features.

Tim Nikischin
Shootkit founder

I am Tim, working as full-time IT project manager and part-time portrait photographer. After more than 300 photoshoots and the cooperation with different agencies and models in Germany and abroad, I made it my goal to develop a universal software for an easier organization of photoshoots.

Programming is my second passion besides photography and I already developed my first websites at the age of 11. Shootkit has now become my biggest project and I never thought I would get this far with Shootkit!

My goal was to develop a software to be able to easily tell my models the status of the photoshoots and have developed a software that helps me to fully concentrate on my shoots and to have as little effort as possible to organize my photoshoots.

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