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Shootkit helps you to focus on photography and to have more time for important things. With Shootkit you can improve self-organization and work more effectively with less effort. You can organize and link all your shootings, models, location moodboards, tasks, contracts and approvals in one platform.

Your clients receive all relevant information clearly arranged on one platform and can participate in the organziation of a shooting right from the start. Thanks to an customizable authorization system, they only get access to the information you have shared. Shootkit covers your complete workflow from planning to release of the images and presents it transparently to your customers.

Shootkit is the all-in-one solution for hobby and professional photographers and is constantly being developed further according to the requirements of photographers. You will love planning with Shootkit!

Available Shootkit plans


Manage your shootings, contacts and locations tool-supported in Shootkit. Never lose track of your open projects again!


Plan your shootings digitally and save moodboards, contracts and picture releases online in addition to the Shootkit LITE functions.


Pro offers professional photographers all available features. Besides the sedcard management, individual fields and export functions are available.

Shootkit features

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Organize contacts

Shootkit helps you manage your contacts and you can link them with your shoots, tasks, etc. You can give your clients/service providers online access to their personal space to not only improve cooperation but also your professional appearance. You find all your information in one place and you can see clearly which shootings and appointments you have already had with a contact and what is coming up in the future.

Plan and organize shootings

Plan your shootings with Shootkit and link them to your contacts, locations, moodboards, tasks and more in Shootkit.

Create moodboards

With Shootkit you can create moodboards online. You can collect your inspiration in a moodboard and don't have to think about the layout. The images are automatically aligned to always use the width available optimally. Your customers and service providers will love your moodboards! With a Shootkit PRO account you can also export moodboards as PDF.

Provide clients access

You can provide your clients access to a personal area with their linked shootings, moods, approvals, etc. with a link. Optionally you can protect this link with a password. In your settings you can define which data your clients see and which they can edit themselves.

Individual Dashboard

In your individual dashboard you will find all important information clearly arranged at a glance. The different Shootkit contents are available as a widget in the dashboard and can optionally be filtered or sorted. You can see your upcoming shootings or your last edited moodboards at a glance. You can also create shortcuts to different Shootkit functions or views and integrate web links into your dashboard.

Organize locations

Manage your locations online and never lose track of where a shooting took place. Cou can save contracts as well as pictures for your locations, to quickly find the right location for future shootings. You can also sort locations according to distance and quickly find a suitable location in the region.

Organize tasks

Manage your tasks online and link them directly to your corresponding shootings. You can maintain various parameters for the tasks and also map dependencies. To avoid creating recurring tasks for every shoot, you can save them in templates and simply add them to any shoot.

Share imaged


Use Shootkit for sharing your shooting pictures. You can upload the pictures directly or link to an existing location. You can access your dropbox directly in Shootkit and don't have to generate a Dropbox link to share your images.

Manage Contracts

Manage the contracts of your customers with Shootkit to see clearly which contracts are still outstanding. You can offer your clients the possibility to maintain their contracts online in Shootkit.

Upload attachments


You can add files as attachments to your shoots, contacts, tasks or locations if you want to share them with your clients. For example, you can provide a new client with your price list as a PDF file or a wedding couple with detailed wedding planning.

Calendar integration


You can import your Shootkit appointments directly into your iPhone calendar via a calendar subscription and find your scheduled appointments in your calendar.

PDF export


You can export individual moodboards or various moods associated with a shoot (moods can include mood boards, images/documents and links) as PDF.

Permission system

You can customize which of the fields should be displayed to your customers and which ones can be edited by the customer. If you do not need a certain field, you can hide it completely.

Custom fields


If the fields of your shoots, locations, tasks or shares given by Shootkit are not enough for you, you can add additional custom fields.

Individual customer frontend


You can customize the customer view with your own logo, as well as set an accent color in the frontend. In future Shootkit versions further customization options are planned.

Create sedcards


Create Sedcards online and link them directly to your contacts. Of course you can also share the Sedcards with your contacts or export them as PDF.

Large help database

In our large help database all Shootkit functions are explained in detail (currently only available in German). There you will find everything you need to know about Shootkit. If you can't find the answer to a question in our database, our support will be happy to help you!

Server in Germany

All data stored in Shootkit is stored completely on German servers. So you can be sure that your data will be treated according to German law.

Continuous development

Shootkit is constantly being further developed and is oriented towards the requirements of photographers, models and agencies. If you are missing a feature in Shootkit, don't hesitate to let us know! We are happy about every suggestion for improvement and try to implement it as soon as possible.

Organize moods

You can link moodboards, images, documents or

Custom field order

Customize the arrangement of the input fields in the Shootkit detail views according to your own needs. So you can decide for yourself if you want the date or location to be the first in your shoot and if you want to display the Instagram name or the e-mail first for your contacts.

Task presets

For the effective use of tasks, you don't have to type them into Shootkit and set them for each shooting again. You can set them once as a template and then import them directly into all selected shootings.

Filter contents

Filter your contacts, shootings, tasks, etc. in the overview to always find what you are looking for immediately. The different overviews have different filters and sorting options and can be sorted by distance, among other things.

Search contents

If you are looking for a specific content in the overviews of your contacts, shootings, tasks, etc., you can search for it directly in real time with the integrated search. You will find the entry you are looking for even faster!

Share your current progress

You can share the current progress of the shooting with your customers. To do so, use the task function and your customers can see which tasks still have to be done before the pictures are released. This makes waiting for the finished pictures directly easier and the anticipation becomes increasingly greater.

Image selection online

Shootkit offers the possibility to process your clients image selection directly online. This saves you the hassle of sending images back and forth and gives you the selection directly in a format that you can import into a common image management software.


The notifications you will always let you know when something has changed in your Shootkit account and you will be informed about all important activities. Optionally, you can also receive notifications via email or Safari Push notification.

Default settings

You have the possibility to define presets for different fields in order to fill them automatically when creating a new record.

Click on a feature for more information. The filter shows the functionality available in Shootkit PRO.

Any questions?

You would like to learn more about Shootkit features or have any questions? We look forward to hear from you! Write us a message on Instagram to @shootkit or mail us at info@shootkit.de.

Available Shootkit plans

You can use Shootkit free of charge permanently. Shootkit LITE is the free version of Shootkit and is available free of charge. If you need more features, the packages Shootkit Standard and Shootkit PRO offer everything you need for the professional organization of your shootings!



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